Were you once active at foraus? Do you remember a time full of verve, heated political debates and riotous retreats? Are you longing for the foraus spirit or are you just curious about what happened to your former companions? Then forever is the right place for you!


#1 Networks with foraus alumni!

forever is a network for foraus alumni. Via the exclusive mailing list, you will find clever minds for your current project or the possibility to wake you up from your everyday office life.


# 2 Get new impetus!

Would you like to moderate an event with the DFA or be a member of the jury at the next Policy Kitchen? With forever, you can contribute your knowledge and experience to the current work of foraus according to your interests and thereby gain new impulses.


# 3 Meet Alumni!

Once a year, there is an exclusive event for foraus alumni. Experiences are exchanged, networks expanded and ideas forged.


# 4 Help make decisions!

As a member of forever you are also a member of foraus and accordingly invited to the annual general meeting. There, you can continue to actively influence the most important decisions of foraus and exchange ideas during the aperitifs afterwards.



At forever, you only meet former active members of foraus. Members of forever have belonged to the Rigi group in the past, written for foraus as authors, worked on projects or helped at the office.


Become a part of the forever-network




Contact us

Our forever coordinators are also foraus alumni! If you are interested and have any questions, please contact the coordinator in your region.